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sales representation services

We offer a wide range of 'revenue focused' sales services for technology companies, aimed at addressing different business models and sales objectives, from the direct sale of complex systems, to volume sales of applications or products via channels, to a combination of the two.

Sales Representation Services

Sales Representation (Sales IN_Outsourcing) is the core of what CIS Expert Consulting is all about providing pro-active on-going sales activities to develop revenue. Sales in new countries start at the signing of our agreement giving you part - or full-time medical representatives to be in- sourced into your organization, reporting directly to your management. In most cases, our medical representatives promote locally in their home country. However we can also offer specialists who sell across vertical markets.

Our core Sales in-Outsoursing Services include:

  • Services to Enterprise.
  • Volume sales of mass-produced products or applications through distributors, resellers and similar organizations. 
  • Sales of complex systems with the help of local channel partners such as system integrators, VARS, etc...

Aditional (sales support) services

Sales Management Services

Help our Clients to improve their sales organization's effectiveness and to increase revenue, while lowering the support overhead required with new markets.

Demand Generation Services

Complement core Sales Services by supporting business development through demand generation, driving prospects into the sales funnel.

Lead Generation Services

Complement core Sales Representation Services, aiming at accelerating market penetration by providing sales representatives with early and/or additional business opportunities.

Sales & Marketing Support Services

In today’s cluttered marketplace, sales efforts alone might not prove to be the answer. Our Sales & Marketing Support Services are on-going activities or one-off projects aiming at improving your local competitiveness, especially in CIS markets.


medical salesSince 2011, CIS Expert Consulting has developed a First Class team of Medical Sales Representatives available in every major markets of the Commonwealth Independant States.

We now have +/-30 active sales professionals who are immediately available to our clients.


pharma industry

The CIS Expert Consulting team gives you immediate access to channels, partners and end users across the Commonwealth of Independant States.

The CIS Expert Consulting Management team and Sales Partners have relationships and influence with decades of ChannelsPartners,
EnterprisesGovernments and
Service. Providers that can be called, educated on your offering and closed directly, or handed over to Channels when qualified, and managed locally providing sustainable long term revenue.

Deployment Scenarios

With CIS Expert Consulting, sales activities in new countries start at the signing of our agreement giving you part- or full-time sales representatives to be in-sourced into your organization, reporting directly to your management through CIS expert Consulting Sales Manager.

Alternatively, we can engage a complete team of sales professionals giving you immediate reach to new countries, reporting to a senior SFE executive acting as your sales VP