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Focus Outsourcing

CIS Expert Consulting is one of the outsourcing pioneer in CIS, the status which the company gained with the help of the extensive outsourcing experience of its Latvian home office.

Today we are one of the companies which is gaining the most experience in the pharmaceutical outsourcing in CIS countries.

'Outsourcing' is a relatively new concept in the CIS market. It stands for any kind of task, process or job that can be conducted by employees, which is instead done by a hired team of expert for a longer period of time.

Taking into consideration this definition, pharmaceutical outsourcing may be carried out at any point in the process of launching pharmaceuticals, starting from the registration and all the way to the sale of products.

CIS Expert Consulting has the capacity, ability and experience to offer services of registering, promoting, importing and distributing medicines and developing and manufacturing promotional materials for medicines and dietary supplements.

The core of our outsourcing project is an individual approach defined by the interests and needs of our clients. CIS Expert Consulting conducts everything from defining clear objectives, tasks and activities to identifying opportunities and analyzing results.

Here are some advantages of outsourcing which can make it easier to you to come to a decision:

  • ability to dedicate yourself to projects to higher priority
  • increase of income
  • reduction in the number of full-time employees
  • reduction of costs
  • You can hire CIS Expert Consulting team of Medical Representatives which will assist you in the presentation and affirmation of your portfolio. The activities of our team directly influence the sales dynamics, which is how companies can avoid hiring their own team as well as many other expenses.

We firmly believe that the responsibility we take upon ourselves and our success in representing your company are of the utmost importance. All pharmaceutical companies which recognize the advantages, benefits and potential of outsourcinng should consider cooperation with CIS Expert Consulting, because our expertise can help you in achieving significant improvement with respect to the expected sales figures. Your rational decision is the key to reaching your company's full market potential.