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Career Opportunities

career opportunities

CIS Expert Consulting currently have vacancies for Medical Representative position to work in the following countries:

  • Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Republic of Belarus
  • Republic of Azerbaijan
  • Republic of Georgia
  • Republic of Armenia
  • Republic of Uzbekistan

Successful candidates can expect a Competitive salary plus bonus full packaging.

  • Do you have previous experience?
  • Do you a proven track record of success in developing and implementing account plans?
  • Are you of graduate calibre, able to develop and maintain high levels of therapeutic and NHS knowledge?
  • You'll be highly valued at CIS Expert Consulting. We'll give you all the support, training and encouragement you need to deliver first-class results for our clients. There's nothing more satisfying than knowing you're providing outstanding services. With an international reach and great support, the opportunities here are wide and diverse. It's our people that have made us successful, which is why we employ people who are committed to our values: Quality, Partnership, Ingenuity, Expertise, Loyalty, Honnesty and Energy.

Key responsibilities:

  • Drive and motivation to work in a dynamic team.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Ability to influence a positive outcome with the customer

If you are interested, please contact us.

For more detail about the position, consult the full job description.


Medical Representative

Job description

Medical Representatives (widely reffered to as "Reps") are a key link between medical and pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals. They promote their company's products, which include medicines, prescription drugs and medical equipment, to a variety of customers including general practices, primary care trusts (PTCs). hospitals and pharmacies. They also work stategically to increase the awareness and use of their company's pharmaceutical and medical products.

Medical Reps are ususally based in a specific geographical location and specialized in a particular product or medical area. They may also make presentations and organize group events for healthcare professionals, as well as working with contacts on a one-to-one basis.

Typical work activities

In any setting , the process of selling involves contacting potential customers, identifying their needs, persuading them that your products or services (rather than those of competitors) can best satisfy those needs; closing the visit by agreeing the terms and conditions; and providing an after service. Medical Representatives do all of this and more.

Tasks often include:

  • Arranging appointments with doctors, pharmacists and hospital medical teams, which may include pre-arranged appointments or regular calling.
  • Making presentations to doctors, practice staff and nurses in GP surgeries, hospital doctors and pharmacists in the retail sector. Presentations may take place in medical places during the day, or may be conducted in the evenings at a local hotel or conference center.
  • Organizing conferences for doctors and other medical staff.
  • Building and maintaining positive working relationships with medical staff and supporting administrative staff.
  • Managing Expenses & Budgets (for catering, outside speakers, conferences, hospitality, etc...).
  • Keeping detailed records of all contacts.
  • Reaching (and if possible exceeding) annual targets.
  • Planning work schedules and weekly and monthly timetables. This may involve working with the area team or discussing future targets with the area manager. Generally, medical reps have their own regional area of responsibility and plan how and when to target health professions.
  • Regulary attending company meetings, technical data presentations and briefings.
  • Keeping up-to-date with the latest clinical data, scientific information, supplied by the company, and interpreting, presenting and discussing this data with health professionals during présentations.
  • Monitoring competitor activity and competitors' products.
  • Maintaining knowledge of new developments in National Health Service (NHS), anticipating potential negative and positive impacts on the business and adapting strategy accordingly.
  • Developing strategies for increasing opportunities to meet and talk to contacts in the medical and healthcare sector.
  • Staying informed about the activities of health services in a particular area.