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Who we are

Who we are

Highly qualified promotional force, regionalized management, adequate coverage of the most potential territories, well established data base with key prescribers reassure your steady and powerful development. Full administration of the business, shared between our Head quarter in Latvia and official representation in CIS countries (Belarus) release you from any administrative expenses and fully cover any type of risk.

What we do

CIS Expert Consulting provides professionals specialized in technology B2B sales and expert resources about outsourced sales that enable our clients to enter new markets rapidly and profitably, without the costs, risks and delays associated with opening foreign offices and hiring local employees.

CIS in 4 points

Established team of regional sales experts.

Management with strong international experience

Clear methodology and proven processes

Success-focused Fees and T&Cs

Main benefits

  • Reduced entry costs into international markets 

  • Low risks

  • Fast time to market
How we do it
  • Unique approach combines many years of senior sales and marketing experience. 
  • We collaborate with our clients in ways that fit their objectives, strategies and priorities.
  • We provide immediate access to channels, partners and prospects.
  • Pro-active on-going sales activities to develop revenue.

Our team

CIS Expert Consulting has developed a team with a unique combination of industry knowledge, sales and marketing expertise and operational experience. This makes us a resource that manufactures. services providers, producers in the global Pharma industry turn to when that need to drive sales in CIS countries. 

Our management team based in Latvia serves as the central hub for partners and  client recruitment and collaboration, as well the management of the legal, financial and operational aspects of the organization. Our team of technical sales representatives and outsource sales present in every major CIS market is immediately available to be in-sourced by the clients to match their strategies and priorities.