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Selling, General & Administration Expenses at an average rate of 20% versus the standard rate of 30-40%


Full & Ready sales team trained and selling actively in 1-3 months vs. 6-12 months when hiring people directly.


One year agreement renewable with short and flexible termination clause, minimizing risk and commitments.


Implementation of the roadmap, actions, and strategies, defined in the Engagement Plan.


First sales revenues guarantee within 6-9 months on average.


One contact, managing team, weekly reporting, monthly reviewing, close to the field, and fully operational.


Low operational cost, no other costs for recruitment, legal, HR, facilities, IT, communication, etc.


Single CIS Expert Consulting Agreement covering the entire sales team and other support resources.

Highly skilled, hands-on oriented, in-country sales people

Knowing the right people and finding the best in-country partners to manage your channels is critical and essential for your success.

We have developed a powerful team of successful players in every key CIS markets and industries . If we do not have suitable  resources for your needs, we can  typically find them in a very short period due to the quality of our network and our experience.

sales experts

CIS management teams's experience and creativity.

External, out-of -the-box point of view for the development of alternative strategies and plans at a small fraction of the fees of larger consultant actors.

  • Sales channel selection and management
  • Strategic and tactical marketing matters
  • Product design and development

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